How to get job in 7 Days

How to get Dream Job in 7 days during COVID-19 Lockdown

Getting a dream job that satisfies your knowledge and your soul is more difficult nowadays. Many of my graduate friends, Juniors and final year students ask me how to get a job according to their expertise. I know many graduates who are working in companies that have nothing to do with the degree. I also know some of the intelligent graduates who are experts in their field but are not getting their desired job. Ultimately they have to join their family Businesses or go to foreign to start a new life where they work in pizza stores or security for money. As an employer, I have an ultimate solution to those who always ask: How to get a dream job within Week without paying a single Penny as consultancy or Employment fees. Let’s start with the most useful tips to get your dream job.

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is the biggest power a person can have. Okay! I know you are 21st Century human and you want to listen to something technical. Let’s say ” Information is Power” and “Data is a weapon”. It is true. If you have the information or data a company is striving for, it will immediately hire you to grow in the corporate world. Just collect as much knowledge and information as possible so that you can answer to any question of the world. So, First thing you need to do is to gain knowledge of your field. A company will pay you to use your knowledge to stive higher in the market.

Research & Analysis

I personally love to do Research. Research is the key to maximize your knowledge, Business, Profit, and power. Now you will be thinking about how research can help you get a job. Remember that every Security agency of any country has its intelligence department. They do researches and Analysis for a long time. If a research can secure Billions of humans, it can also help you to get your dream job in your field. Do mind-storming research to find the top 10 locations and companies where you want to work. Now find how to connect with them or apply to their portals. To explore more, find the vacancies through online portals, apply through career pages of companies where you think that your graduation or knowledge can help them to grow in the market.

Resume – Your Real Reference

A resume is ninety percent of your Selection. As we all know, a resume is a piece of paper that has all the details about our education, achievements, projects and other personal and professional information. My question to you is ” Why it is only a piece of paper? 

As an employer, if someone comes to my office to get a job, the first interaction with him will be the resume. If you are giving a simple resume to your interviewer which only has lines formatted in “Font Name = Times New Roman” and Font Size= 11pt“, this is not going to help you. 

Work on your resume. Make it attractive and easily readable. Keep in your mind that you have spent more than twenty years to get the knowledge that you are going to print in an A4 Page. At least invest some time in creating an attractive resume that depicts your personality and the interviewer say ” WOW !! ” This actually happened to me in every interview I ever appeared. Some in the cases, they did not even ask me about my qualifications or experiences. They put their problem in front of means simply said – ” We are working on Water steam. can you help with innovative solutions?” I said ” My priviledge”.

Here’s I am sharing my resume for reference. The below design belongs to Harkirat Singh Paras. Thus Copying it or altering it for your resume is now allowed !!

At least invest some time in creating an attractive resume that depicts your personality and the interviewer say " WOW !! " This actually happened to me in every interview I ever appeared. Here's I am sharing my resume for reference.

Interview – Be Yourself

In my first year, Interviews were my biggest enemy. I was not able to introduce my capability to the interviewer. When I was hiring people for one of the government projects from all over India, I discovered that the interviewer dont want to waste his/her time to listen to your introduction, Capability, achievements, blood donation, Personal Information, etc. He already has your resume in his hand. He only wants to ask you a single question: How will you solve our problem or help us grow? So. Answer with the best knowledge you have to answer that question. If you have any doubts regarding the question, Ask the interviewer. Don’t hesitate or pretend as you have listened to every single word your interviewer spoke to you.

In Crux, I want to thank you for reading this full article. I hope this interview was very useful to you. I wish you Good Luck for your interview and your future endeavor. I know you are striving to create a resume like above or thinking to find the best job vacancy as soon as possible. Go and achieve your Goal. God Bless You !!

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